Introducing Credics

Credics has been providing customized, cutting-edge billing software since 1999, when it was founded by veterans of the credit card and financial software industries. The company builds flexible, perfectly-tailored solutions for a wide range of businesses in every economic sector. With clients around the world representing enterprises of all sizes, Credics is fully prepared to meet unique, ever-changing needs.

Credics solutions are modular, enabling the company to quickly build custom software for each and every client. Separate software components are tried and tested, and they come together for a fully tailor-made software solution that meets specific, individual criteria. This method also makes it easy to change and upgrade your system, helping you offer your customers more and opening up new horizons for your entire business. 

Credics has the insight and experience to support you as you expand your capabilities and the services you offer your customers. Throughout more than fifteen years of operations, the Credics team has risen to meet the challenges posed by a wide range of industries, developing the in-depth knowledge, flexibility, and expertise required to create the perfect solution for you.  

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Our Services

  • Cryptography and Security Services
  • Technical Services
  • Business Management Consultancy
  • Training and Assimilation

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