The Credics Issuing Solution provides a ready-to-go program for credit, debit, prepaid, private-label, and stored-value cards, all of which can be easily configured to clients' requirements.

A smart management system that allows acquirers to fully manage the merchant environment from the product management level (POS, VPOS, RFID, and more), providing a flexible hierarchy for business schemes and pricing strategies on the individual merchant level

A unique, cost-saving system designed to accommodate any billing scheme, the Transactor combines comprehensive billing features with a powerful transaction-processing platform. Financial products and services can now be designed, developed, and launched within days.

ConnectPlus – Credics Payment Gateway platform provides all connectivity requirements and tools for connecting with other parties. It’s includes features beyond the standard legacy switches that exist in the market. It is a full payment platform that enables switching and routing of online messages between parties. 

For petrol/oil/gas companies, adjacent convenience stores, managers of vehicle fleets, trucking companies and drivers. The Petrol-card Platform manages and enhances all facets of marketing to this very active target group, while reducing the size of the solution and enabling cross-selling between energy suppliers and other vendors.

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