ConnectPlus – Credics Payment Gateway platform provides all connectivity requirements and tools for connecting with other parties. It’s includes features beyond the standard legacy switches that exist in the market. It is a full payment platform that enables switching and routing of online messages between parties. 

Key Features

  • Rule-based authorization solution
  • Supports all types of incoming and outgoing authorization requests
  • Dynamic processing path definition, enabling new transaction types within minutes
  • Full support for all issuing and acquiring functionalities
  • Support multi-currency processing for online messages, which convert each online transaction to a different currency during OTB calculation
  • Multi-payment associations supports issuing and acquiring from multi-payment systems, including MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover
  • Multi-channel acquiring gateway and device independent support
  • Multi-protocol support of communication protocols including, TCP/IP, X.25, SNA, JDBC, WEB services, XML, ISO 8583, IFSF, and more
  • Authorization processing of 24/7 all authorization messages including onus transactions
  • Built-in STIP capability
  • Notifies message management support
  • Pre Authorization requests based rule-based engine
  • Encryption and key management support for secured messages processing
  • EMV support for issuing and acquiring including scripting management
  • ATM management for creating a rich spectrum of services using the ATM network from cash withdrawals, mini-statements, and instant account top-up
  • POS management services administrate each POS terminal from a central location and remotely track its connectivity, software version/availability, download/upload and more
  • Complete clearing, settlement, and reconciliation support
  • Reconciliation and value-added financial services for users
  • Built-in statistics, query, and monitoring controls, which interface with new or existing systems
  • Tokenization Server to protect all sensitive data (numeric and alphanumeric)
  • Merchant management


Key Benefits

  • Failsafe timeout management regardless of cause, which functions even if the entire system fails
  • Fully integrated issuing and acquiring solution (including EMV)
  • Low Cost of Error resulting in highly availability and performance
  • Protects all kinds of sensitive data and simplifies PCI compliance
  • Fast and easy deployment with web services
  • Deployed in parallel environments with high availability
  • Built-in key management and automated key rotation

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