The Credics Issuing Solution provides a ready-to-go program for credit, debit, prepaid, private-label, and stored-value cards, all of which can be easily configured to clients' requirements.

Key Features

  • Account/customer-centric management for coordination of customer data
  • Dynamic hierarchy and relationship between accounts
  • Supports any business model (credit, debit, prepaid, private-label, loans, loyalty programs)
  • Easy selectivity for customized marketing (by demographics, affinities, activity levels, holidays, etc.)
  • Marketing schemes can be customized and tracked by purchase category, season, target market, or other data
  • Unlimited relationships between accounts, and unlimited meters per account
  • Full EMV support
  • Pilot and "what-if" simulation projects can be initiated without affecting existing programs or risking system integrity
  • Transactor-based tracking merges data on multiple cards and transaction types
  • Optional linkup between transaction sources (family, company, neighborhood, etc.)
  • Built-in audit, control and balancing tools

Key Benefits

  • A complete card management system
  • Multi-language and multi-currency functions for full and easy compliance with international networks
  • Progressive billing according to usage, demographic data, activity level, and customer type
  • Fast addition of new billing schemes to existing programs
  • Easy and efficient access to user data, with specification of the financial institution
  • Quick data migration, integration, and enrichment
  • A permanently balanced system, regardless of traffic demands
  • Market and user oriented, leading to more effective marketing
  • Fast time-to-market for new financial products and pilot projects
  • Low "Cost of Error” resulting in higher profits

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