For petrol/oil/gas companies, adjacent convenience stores, managers of vehicle fleets, trucking companies and drivers. The Petrol-card Platform manages and enhances all facets of marketing to this very active target group, while reducing the size of the solution and enabling cross-selling between energy suppliers and other vendors.

Key Features

  • Manages dual and single authorization requests (local or remote) for refueling and related purchases, as well as receipts and disputes
  • Enables cross-selling, customer clubs, credits, and other market development initiatives
  • Back-office management of relations with customers, retailers, petrol stations, suppliers, and credit card companies
  • Handles all forms of payment (cash, credit card, ID tags, prepaid vouchers, and more)
  • Enables variable payment terms, billing plans, report data, and communication modes
  • Automatic optimizing for quick upscaling of all or any part of activity
  • Centralized management and support of local front-end devices (PCP stations)
  • Interfaces with existing payment devices and software (uses Oracle and Java)

Key Benefits

  • Full management of vehicle-fleet, cardholders, and petrol companies
  • Novel pricing and promotion schemes
  • Low Cost of Error resulting in higher profits
  • Cross boarding processing capabilities

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