A unique, cost-saving system designed to accommodate any billing scheme, the Transactor combines comprehensive billing features with a powerful transaction-processing platform. Financial products and services can now be designed, developed, and launched within days.

Key Features

  • All expected general billing features, such as accounts, balances, financial calculations, online and batch billing processes, agreements, and GL
  • Integrated transaction-processing platform for efficient execution of financial products
  • Open to external inputs, which are assimilated as building blocks in a workable system through assimilating billing processes
  • An accounting-like programming language is used by the processors' business experts to freely describe how various products "behave"
  • Expert-defined rules are translated into optimal computerized processes that immediately assimilate the new product into the transaction processing system


Key Benefits

  • Can be operated as a stand-alone billing system or add-on to an existing legacy/package system, in line with the processor type and existing modules
  • Light and pliable architecture for easy modification and adjustment
  • Fast and smart implementation of any new system
  • Progressive billing according to usage, demographic data, activity level and customer type
  • Fast addition of new billing schemes to existing programs
  • Easy and efficient access to user data, with specification of the financial institution
  • Quick data migration, integration, and enrichment
  • A permanently balanced system, regardless of traffic demands
  • Market and user-oriented, leading to more effective marketing
  • Low "Cost of Error” resulting in higher profits

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